Fans of magic battles and lovers of unique weapons, big team magic tournament started already!!! Mages of all elements in a hurry to fight and show their skills. Hurry up! Gather your team, upgrade equipment, choose worthy opponents and enjoy! May the strongest win!



About us

We are DALS.Games - independent mobile game development company from Odessa (Ukraine). The company is built in 2017 year by group of enthusiasts and professionals, which united the idea of creating dynamic midcore games for mobile devices. Our target is to make mobile gaming more hardcore and fascinating.


We are always looking for new talents. So if you are professional in your area and you got interested in one of the vacancies below, make sure to write to us on [email protected]


We are always glad to talk to our players, members of community, press, partners and future employees!

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Creative Tower, P.O. Box 4422, Fujairah, UAE