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Last updated on April 22, 2021

Hi! Thank you for being with us!

Read our Privacy Policy. This policy sets out how DALS Games (DALS FZE) handles your personal data. Your agreement with the Privacy Policy is also part of our Terms of Use.

Attention to all who are under 18 years old! Be careful, cautious, clever and safe online: Never give anyone your data without asking first your parents or guardians first, if that everything is OK. Do not share your photo with anyone and do not share your name, email address, home address, telephone number, your school or any other information about yourself that they could use to communicate with you through  the Internet or in the real world.

Dear parents! Monitor your children's activity on the Internet! By our part, we strive to ensure the safety and privacy of minors who use our products.


The advertising ID - is a special identifier for your device to track the activity of advertising companies. In other words - advertising based on your interests.

Analytics - an interpretation of certain data that we collect to improve the performance of the game.

In-app purchases - is a special system that allows you to exchange real money for virtual goods and in-game currency.

An IP address - is a unique set of numbers, separated by dots, which identifies each device connected to the Internet.

DALS Games ("We", "Company", "Developer") - is the company DALS FZE, registered in Creative City, FUJAIRAH, UAE.

Terms of use - are the rules and standards of conduct that are defined and must be followed in order to use the service.

Service -  are our games, websites, analytics tools, user registrations, social network pages.

Third parties and third party services - are companies and the services they provide that are not owned or controlled by DALS Games.

1. What information do we collect?

1.1 Information that you give us yourself.

We receive and store any information that you provide to us, for example, when you:

1.2 Information that is collected automatically.

We receive and store certain types of information automatically when you interact with us, for example:

1.3 Information we receive from third parties.

Sometimes we collect information about you from third parties such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Google. We receive this information solely to enable ourselves to provide our services to you:

2. How do we use your information?

Modern games are a big and complex business in which many companies are involved: developers, platforms, statistics and advertising services. In order to support, develop and improve our games, we use personal data. In addition, we use personal data to test games, as well as to understand our target audience and the game market as a whole.

We use personal data to provide you with advertising, both in our games and through appropriate platforms. Sometimes we use personal data to display advertisements according to your interests.

We use personal data to distribute our games to you through channels such as email, social networks, push notifications and others.

We use personal data for in-game sales.

We may group information about you that we have received from several sources.

3. When and where we transfer your personal data.

The information we collect, we give to our partners and / or other third parties.

3.1. We give your advertising ID to our advertising partners (for example Google Inc.). In addition, if we can, we give our partners demographic information about you, your preferences and interests, so that our partners can provide you with more relevant advertising.

3.2. We may share your personal data with our analytics and attribution partners. This allows us to better understand our customer base and improve product development and game revenues. Our analytics and attribution partners may combine personal data we provide them with information about you from other companies in order to create more meaningful and relevant data sets.

3.3. We provide your personal data to partners who help us conduct our business, such as hosting providers, platforms and payment systems.

3.4. When you play our games, you can log in to the game using your account on social networks such as Facebook, VK, Twitter, Google, Game Center and others. If you decide to connect through these platforms, we will provide this pportunity, but we do not control how you interact with these platforms, and you must make sure that you agree to their terms of use and privacy policy.

3.5. We must disclose personal information about you that we hold in the following cases:

4. Children's privacy.

Attention parents! If you allow your child to play games that are not marked as safe for children, you should disable in-app purchases on your phone and carefully monitor your child's actions. You should also read this privacy policy, because by allowing your child to use our Services, you agree to this privacy policy on his behalf. If you do not agree, please do not allow your child to use our Services.

We do not collect information from children under 12 years of age without the permission of their parents / guardians. If you think that we have accidentally collected such information, please contact us so that we can quickly obtain the consent of the parents / guardians or delete this information.

5. Third party services.

Below is a list of some, but not all, business partners with whom we actively exchange user information and data on site usage (this list can be changed):

6. Marketing, in-game purchases, and refusal to participate.

6.1. Direct marketing.

Dear players! We want to share with you the news about changes and additions in games, about our new games, events and promotions that we hold. You can always refuse to receive such news if you do not want to receive this information.

6.2. In-App Purchase.

In our games we offer in-app purchases. For example, items that you can purchase (for real or in-game currency) or additional features in the game. If you do not want to make purchases in the app, do not use these paid options and consider the possibility of disabling purchases in the app on your device.

6.3. Advertising ID.

Each mobile device running Android has its own Advertising ID. Advertising ID is a unique identifier that allows users to receive relevant advertising, and developers are better able to monetize their games. You can reset your ID at any time using the settings on your mobile device. Collecting your advertising ID helps us understand what your interests are and how we can tailor your experience to fit.


6.4. Options for refusing our services:

If you need help, please contact us at: [email protected]

7. Your data is safe

We store information on servers in Germany.

DALS Games uses various technologies and special security procedures that help protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. We store personal data in automated systems that have limited access and are located in controlled facilities.

7.1. Access, correction and deletion of personal data.

You can request access to your personal information at any time by sending a written request by mail to DALS Games: DALS FZE, PO Box 4422, Creative City, FUJAIRAH, UAE or by email: [email protected].

If your personal information has changed, please let us know.

If you want us to delete your personal data, please let us know. Please note that data deletion requests may take up to 30 business days.

7.2. Complaints.

Each person has many questions, complaints and suggestions. We are always open to you. Please contact us at: DALS FZE, Creative City, FUJAIRAH, UAE, PO box 4422 or email: [email protected]

Our Privacy Officer will respond to your complaint within a reasonable period of time after its receipt, provided that you provide reverse contacts. If you do not provide return contact information, we will not be able to respond to your complaint, although we will consider its content.

8. Cookies notice.

Cookies are small text files (consisting only of letters and numbers) that a web server places on your computer or mobile device when you visit a web page.

Information on cookies can be found at

When a user visits our site or launches our mobile application, we use SDKs, cookies, pixel tags, scripts, tags, APIs and other technologies (called "Tracking Technologies").

What for? These tracking technologies are necessary in order for the user to log in, use the services and, for example, save their nickname to enter the game. We do not need to obtain your consent to use these tracking technologies. These tracking technologies may be used for security and integrity reasons - for example, to detect violations of our policies, and for support or security features.

In addition, we may remember the choices you make (for example, your language) and provide enhanced and personalized features. Also, these technologies collect data about your online activity in our services, and are used for analytics, research and statistics collection. And, of course, technology is used to show you customized offers and ads based on your interests and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

You can manage your own cookie settings, for example, disable cookies through your web browser or prevent the collection of such cookies by individual sites.

Information about cookies is usually found in the "Help" section of your web browser.

9. Privacy Notice for California residents

This section of the Privacy Policy addresses the disclosure requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018 (Cal. Civ. §§ 1798.100-1798.199) and the California Attorney General's Consumer Privacy Regulations (collectively “CCPA”).For the purposes of this clause of the Privacy Policy only, the term "Personal Data" is as defined in the CCPA. We may collect and disclose the following types of Personal Data for commercial purposes:

  1. Identifiers: social network ID, IP address, username, advertising ID, device and operating system information.
  2. Categories of Personal Information Listed in the California Customer Registration Act (Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.80 (e)): Name, Image.
  3. Commercial information: transaction information and purchase history. We do not collect or process any payment information that is collected directly by the mobile app distribution platform.
  4. Activity on the Internet or other electronic networks: Exclusively interaction with our mobile applications.
  5. Geolocation data: Country, state, city.

We receive this information:

To whom we disclose this information:

For what purpose we disclose this information:

In accordance with the provisions of the CCPA, you can:

We do not sell Personal Data about our players, as most people usually understand the term. However, we do allow certain third-party advertising partners to collect consumer information through our games in order to serve more relevant ads, to measure and analyze advertising campaigns, and to detect ad fraud and generate reports. In order to serve you personalized ads, we share your resettable identifiers provided by your mobile device operating system to our select partners. Typical advertising identifiers are AID (Android) and IDFA (Apple). These mobile ad IDs enable developers and marketers to track advertising activity and are used to enhance ad personalization. You can reset these identifiers from your mobile device, or restrict ad tracking for your mobile device, as described in the Privacy Policy.

10. Updates to this Policy.

We regularly update this Privacy Policy based on changes in legislation or changes in our games, services, products and Terms of Use.

All updates are effective from the date of their release on our website

Regularly check for updates.